Friday, November 02, 2007

Lions For Lambs Brings Out The Posers

Last nights Los Angelese premiere of Lions For Lambs brought out Will Smith and David Beckham, to support buddy Tom Cruise.

This is SUCH a Tom Cruise pose. He loves The Point.
I'll leave you a couple past examples.... It's his move.

Of course Katie was there, all smiles. She left the high heels at home for this one.

David Beckham is about the only man on the planet who doesn't look like a complete tool rockin' a cardigan.


Heleen said...

Even Will Smith tries to bend down a bit to make Tom look a little less short. Katie's got it down, see how she lets herself be dragged along by him, so she's in the background of each photo to appear less tall? I wonder if they practice that at home, to make it look natural.

It's Barbie, Bitch said...

Her dress is gorgeous. David Beckham looks like a god in everything. And nothing, if you catch my drift.

OldWiseOne said...

Doesn't Tom just look the tiny twat in that pic with Will Smith. Like you could pick him up and put him in your pocket.

He really needs to do something about that hair. It just emphasizes the fact that his nose is getting bigger.