Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little S & M

It's painful, yet it gives me much pleasure. The Real Housewives Of Orange County premieres tomorrow night on Bravo at 10pm!

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Anonymous said...

I've watched the show and have enjoyed it because the people are fun to watch. But it is also borderline ridiculous. I've spent my entire life in Orange County. That's 49 years. So much of the show is fake, fake, fake. And Coto de Caza where the show is based is nice, some of it. But not all of it is made up of nice homes. There are condos and other small dwellings inside Coto. And Coto is considered "inland." In Orange County, you aren't truly chic unless you live along the coast. And even then, there are only certain coastal cities that are chic. But the coast is where the real money is. Coto is very hot, dusty, old, stinks of horse manure and is right next to Rancho Santa Margarita which is so low-budget. And as for them being "behind the gates", it's so ridiculous the way they brag about it. There are so many neighborhoods in Orange County behind gates. Gates are a dime a dozen here. It really means nothing as even many apartment and condo complexes have gates around them here. The only people that brag or are proud of living anywhere not on the coast in Orange County are the ones that can't afford to live along the beach. But that's not to say there aren't some lovely homes in non-coastal Orange County cities, because there are. And for the record, there was some show that kept referring to Orange County as "the O.C.". That is so fake. I have never heard anyone in my life that lives here, refer to Orange County as "the O.C." The one show that correctly portrayed the real money in Orange County was that show based in Laguna Beach. And for the record, one of the most violent cities in the country is right in Orange County. Santa Ana. A drug infested, gang-banging, graffiti plagued city that is populated and run by only one race. If you aren't that race, stay the heck away from there. There are multiple other cities within Orange County that are just depressing pits. I love Orange County because I grew up and live in the beautiful parts of it. But it has changed so much. The crowds are unbelievable, there are only random cities with real money, and the vast majority of women are not fake-titted bleach blonds with their lips warped from too much collagen. But are people career driven here, yes. Absolutely. And there is a lot of pressure to keep up with what the next person has materially. I long for what Orange County used to be. Just beautiful beaches and the smell and sight of orange groves.