Friday, November 02, 2007

A Little Morning Wake Up Yum

Here's a couple yummy pics from Mario Testino's
latest book, Let Me In.

I say, Hook me up!

Jakey Gyllenhaal at his finest.



Heleen said...

Ohhh Jake! Man, I love the twinkle in your eyes. That, and a few other things.

LA said...

He's so yummy, that Jake.

It's Barbie, Bitch said...

He just looks a little too pleased with himself, for my taste. Totally delighted with his six-pack and what lies below. Probably just a bit of narcissism, but a bit too much for me.

Heleen said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Apparently, that's what Testiono does to a person he photographs: make them feel totally at easy and proud of who they are. That is one of the things that make him such a good photographer.