Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Just Can't Tell

Has that couple recognized Marcia Cross exiting the Gymboree store in Brentwood today, or are they just confused about something? I can't figure it out.

Marcia looking stylish and in a hurry, lady in the background looking stylish in her own right. Her lipstick matches her jacket perfectly. And the shoes, those are killer kicks man.


LA said...

I know someone who has been Marcia's personal shopper in the past. She says her skin is freaking flawless.

Leisa said...

i know someone who interviewed marcia as well as the rest of the 'girls' of desperate housewives, just recently. believe it or not, marcia was the more personable. he said she 'had a fire' in her eyes. she was absolutely pleasant and he expected to hate her. teri however, whom he had had a soft spot for, was a huge, BLANK disappointment. he said her hair was practically falling out..... probably from malnutrition!

LA said...

Interesting about Teri, but probably not surprising. Yeah, the woman I know likes Marcia. I love hearing "real life" encounters with celebs.