Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wanna Know How You Can Avoid THIS?

You'd think Jennifer Lopez would be privy to such things.

Us women can sometimes get damp sweaty pits. Usually when we are pms'ing or of course, post-partum ala JLo. Last night in Denver, Jennifer showed her support at the National Democratic Convention. She showed her support, her great post-baby figure, and alas, sweaty pit stains.

This has never happened to me since I discovered a little secret. To prevent red carpet wet pits, a little Drysol and maybe a Xanax are your friend. Yes you can botox your sweat glands, and many celebs do, but I know something much cheaper and far less painful and time consuming.

DRYSOL - you use it in the evening, twice a week the first week and then once or even less after that. No more sweat. I honestly only need it once a month now. I asked my doc about it's high aluminum content and she says that it is used so little that it is safe. As long as you don't eat it. Duh. Ask the pharmacist, they keep it behind the counter, it is under $20 and will last a year at least. Make sure you don't apply it immediately after shaving. That sucker will sting. But trust me, you will never get sweaty pits again. No prescription required in Canada. Don't be embarrassed to ask your Pharmacist, the first time I did, over 10 years ago, the Pharmacist said, "Oh, good sh!t."

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Anonymous said...

I've read about Drysol before. I'm going to try it.