Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Eva Mendes Too Hot For The USA

Calvin Klein's most recent tv ad has been banned in the US.

Eva Mendes caresses herself, rolls around in a rumpled bed and - oops! - flashes a nipple in the 30-second TV spot for Secret Obsession. “Between love and madness lies obsession,” Mendes whispers huskily. “Love … madness. It’s my secret.”

The ban “is not entirely a surprise for the U.S. market,” [said the] president of Calvin Klein, Inc. “We believe the commercial is exceptional. [The attention surrounding the ad] just reinforces our belief in the campaign, in true Calvin Klein fashion, sparks controversy.”

An edited version of the ad will run stateside on cable TV. The original will run abroad.

Calvin Klein seems far from upset about the ban: The ad is posted on their Web site with the title, "banned TV commercial."



Red said...

Nice to see a hot Hollywood babe with real breasts for a change. Go Eva!

LA said...

I like Eva, and I think she's gorgeous.

Why are we banning this, but it's okay for 15-year-old Miley to have provocative images all over the place? At least Eva's an adult selling a product to other adults. Seems like a double standard.