Sunday, January 27, 2008

Think She Can Count On One Hand?

How many of the NHL All-Stars she's slept with? Alyssa Milano was in the stands, enjoying the skills of hockeys' elite, in Atlanta this weekend. Anyone know which one of them she's now dating? Or maybe she was prowling? That's sure alot of facepaint for an ice rink.

UPDATE: Alyssa was there to promote her new clothing line entitled "Touch". Basically, she gets paid to scope guys. Found this shot of her at a different All-Star event on the weekend.

Looks like she opted for no bra. A smart move in a cold rink full of horny sports fans. I'm sure more than a few of them wanted a little 'touch'.


LA said...

Is she working the NHL, too? Because she's been passed around Major League Baseball for awhile now.

Leisa said...

I know right! She doesn't do actors, just jocks.

LA said...

What's funny is her ex-husband is a skinny little rocker. (Cinjin Tate of Remy Zero) Of course, they were married for less than a year.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Milano should stick with Eric Dane or Erik Markham, both are hot guys! I see the pattern!