Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sean Young Is A Real Winner

Sean Young hasn't mellowed with age. In fact, she's still nuts. Here she is just before she was booted out of the DGA Awards Sunday night. Her reps tell us she's checked herself into rehab this morning.

Young was physically thrown out of the Directors Guild of America bash Saturday night for heckling "La Vie en Rose" star Marion Cotillard, then insulting Julian Schnabel, director of "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly."

LA gossip site Defamer.com reports Young "began screaming in French" when Cotillard took the stage at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza to present an award. Young could be heard "breaking into song."

But it was when Schnabel took the stage to make a brief speech "that she really went kook, yelling at him to 'get on with it' and to 'move it on' . . . Julian yelled back at her to 'have another drink, honey' and started to leave the stage before the crowd yelled at him to stay," Defamer reports.

"He continued to talk, and Sean stood up and made a big production of putting on her white fur coat, walking around in a circle and then taking her seat again."

Variety blogger Kristopher Tapley said Young "really ruined Julian's moment and it was kind of sad. He looked into the audience and said, 'Who said that?' . . . and then he said, 'Perhaps you'd like to finish my speech.' He was visibly p - - - ed and upset by the interruption. Sort of sad, actually. It's like you get this big moment where you're one of the five directors honored in a year and then some drunk in the audience ruins a lifetime moment for you."

Finally, when a team of security guards swooped in to remove Young, "she tried to throw a punch at [them]," Tapley writes.

For over an hour, her date kept telling her she was drunk, but she'd hiss back at him, "No, you're drunk. You leave."

Through her sister, Kathleen, Young told Page Six she would have no comment. Her reps didn't return a call or an e-mail.

Young, 48, whose movies include "Blade Runner" and "No Way Out," is no stranger to wacky behavior. After she and Woods had a fling during their 1988 film "The Boost," Woods filed a lawsuit against her for harassment and what he said was "a jihad of terror" against him. Years later, a bitter Young said she'd star with Woods again if she could beat him up or kill him in the movie.

source - page six

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LA said...

She's been certifiable for years. Glad to know she's still bringing the crazy like the professional that she is.