Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Looks Like Someone Needs To Exfoliate

Ellen Pompeo always looks dirty to me. She needs to take the sandpaper to that skin of hers. I don't want her to scrub herself all Renee Zelleweger, but you know what I'm saying.

Ellen was a no-show at Katherine Heigl's wedding over Christmas. (probably wasn't invited) She did, however, show her support by walking the red carpet for Heigl's premiere of 27 Dresses last night. Didn't bother to take off her coat though. I'll bet Ellen's pissed that Grey's has become Izzy's show. The show is named after her character for god's sake and all we ever hear about is Katherine this, and Katherine that. She has to be bitter. Bitter and blotchy. Ah well. Not bitter enough to miss out on a little publicity.


Anonymous said...

Ellen Pompeo is great! honest true person.

that's a harsh comment, don't you think. did you ever take a look at your skin with a zoom photography camera with 100 lights pointed at you??? trust me... you won't like it at all.

Ellen was invited to Katherines wedding, she was in Boston with family over Christmas thats why she couldn't make it, but she did throw Katherine and Josh a huge party before the wedding in 10 days or so.

And trust me, she definatley still the star of Grey's Anatomy. you'll see what I'm talking about real soon.

Leisa said...

thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

i agree with what the person said in the first comment!

oh and btw its 27 dresses not 29..

Leisa said...

whoops! 27 Dresses! thanks~

LA said...

A blind item about Grey's from Michael Ausiello's TVGuide.com column today:

Question: Some very mean and nasty people have been saying that Sandra Oh is leaving Grey's Anatomy, whenever it comes back. Since you are the god of TV scoop, I knew you'd be able to deny this for me.

Ausiello: Interesting. Unfortunately, I can't verify that rumor's authenticity. What I can verify is that someone — and a major someone at that — wants to be discharged from Seattle Grace, and STAT. But, as far as I can tell, that someone is not Sandra Oh.

I'm pretty sure it's Katherine Heigl.