Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tom Has Someone To Look Up To

TomKat walked the red carpet tonight in Berlin for the premiere of "Lions For Lambs".

It's nice to see Katie wearing heels. Nicole either never had the guts, or Tom didn't allow it. Check out how she makes him look like such a mini-man. Movie role or not, Tom Cruise and his sideburnless do, are ridiculous.

Katie Holmes, on the other hand, is decked in sparkles from head to toe. Those shoes were made for that dress. Interesting poof in the front. Watch for J Lo to wear this one next. She'll be all over it. Maybe Katie is hiding something too? Or maybe it's all for the sake of fashion? Posh would approve.

Katie's been practicing. She's totally leaning backwards to appear shorter for the camera lens in this shot. Keep working on that.

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LA said...

Is it just me, or has Katie had something done to her face?