Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jessica Simpson A Cure For Depression?

Owen Wilson must have a thing for goofy blondes.

Owen and Jessica Simpson have been spotted on a date in Los Angeles, according to the new issue of Star magazine.

The two dined Sunday at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica before retiring to his Malibu home.

"He couldn't keep his hands off her," a witness tells the mag.

Apparently, sparks flew between the two Texans when they were in Austin on Oct. 16 to appear in a video with Willie Nelson.



LA said...

If banging a dumb blonde floozy like Jess cheers him up, he should go for it.

It's Barbie, Bitch said...

Jeez, it'd cheer me up, and I'm not even gay!

But maybe I'm thinking more of banging Owen, and less of banging Jess.

Which would make me less gay.

Or somethin'.

Or does it just make me drunk?

You decide.