Friday, October 12, 2007

Praise The Lord

Pamela Anderson is NOT pregnant.

"Please tell everybody – categorically I am not pregnant," Anderson told Las Vegas celebrity blogger Robin Leach.

"It's just not true," the mother of two added to Leach, who interviewed her at a party Wednesday night for airline magnate Richard Branson. "I would tell you if it was."

To underscore it, at the party Anderson was "celebrating her marriage last weekend with bottles of expensive Cristal champagne," Leach writes.

On her own Web site, Anderson offered a less precise denial – and suggested new beau Rick Salomon is a little sensitive about the media attention.

"So funny," she writes. "I don't normally look at press but Rick does sometimes. And so much nonsense. Don't believe what you read. Esp about people (sic) personal business."

source - People
photo - flynet

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