Monday, October 22, 2007

Gosling Out. Walberg In.

Just a day before shooting was to begin on the much-anticipated adaptation of The Lovely Bones, Ryan Gosling has been replaced by Mark Wahlberg. Apparently due to creative differences with the films director, Peter Jackson.

Wahlberg has taken the role of Jack Salmon, the grieving father of a young girl. That role was vacated Friday by star Ryan Gosling, who stepped out after gaining 20 pounds and growing a beard for the job. Sources attributed the exit to creative differences.

After reading the script, Wahlberg quickly committed Sunday. He joins Rachel Weisz as a couple whose world is shattered after their daughter is murdered. The girl watches over her family and her killer from heaven.

The film begins shooting today in Pennsylvania.

I can't wait to see this flick, if only for the fact that I have no idea how they could adapt this amazing novel into a movie. As I was reading it, I remember thinking that there would be no way they could make it into a film, but that they would try, because the story is so incredible and moving.

The Lovely Bones.

source- Variety

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