Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You Just Know There's A BIG Honkin' Zit Under There

Possibly even a cold sore. Ah, Cameron Diaz. Never was blessed with the best complexion. An amazing body sure, but her skin has never been her meal ticket. But really, who hasn't been there? Big heater at the side of your nose, usually that's the prime spot. Hell, I was there Friday night. Took 20 minutes to apply my concealer strategically. Then it would just slide off. Anyway.... I'm not the famous one here.

Cameron and her new piece, Paul Sculfor, did a little shopping in New York this afternoon. By the looks of his bag, at James Perse. Cam's hiding her face in every shot, and it's not to avoid the paps. Trust.


Anonymous said...

ok, that is just freakin funny!

LA said...

She needs Dermablend.