Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy Arrivals & Other Party Pics

Yawn. Couldn't get thru it this year.
Should just stick with Jimmy Kimmel.

Shout out your best and worst dressed.

Heidi Klum's least annoying quality.
Taking off her clothes.
That voice of hers makes my skin crawl.

Tim Robbins (love love love) and Susan Sarandon (love).

Christina Applegate looking amazing after surviving
breast cancer and a double mastectomy this year.

Felicity's hair looks amazing.
Longwhoria needs to lay off the cosmetics.
Marcia Cross is like a porcelain doll. SPF is her BFF.

Eva has us on full bump watch with this choice.

Who I ask you doesn't love Mary-Louise Parker?

Um... I like yellow.

Evangeline Lily looked fab.

Not a fan of Brooke Shield's choice.

Cynthia Nixon looking fine.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is still the cutest.

LC made the party circuit. Natch.

Reefer Kiefer Sutherland and Patrick Dempsy. Smoke break?

Kate Walsh after-partying.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Tori Spelling and what's his face. Ick.

Kiefer, Christian Slater and Martin Sheen.

That's all I got so far. Should I keep going or have you already seen them all?

pics - source celebutopia

1 comment:

LA said...

It seemed like there were a lot of great dresses at this one. Not too many poorly dressed people.

Oh, and I think Eva L def has a bun in the oven.

Props to Christina Applegate she looks terrific.