Friday, September 26, 2008

I Have As Much Foreign Policy Experience As Sarah Palin

Hell, according to her, we all do. If you live in a country that borders another, you too can be VP of the USA.

Katie Couric interviewed the VP candidate, Sarah Palin, last night on CBS. Riveting stuff.

sound familiar?


Alison said...

I normally really enjoy your blog. I love reading it for the celebrity news and for your clever and humorous takes on celebrity life and fashion! But, despite the fact that I have not decided who I am voting for, I don't enjoy seeing the political slams (against either side).

I see the political cr*p all day, all night, on my days off and while I'm working. I come here for celebrity news and gossip and a break from my mundane little life, with all of its problems.

Just my thoughts. Respectfully.

Anonymous said...

Oh please...this site is to entertain, and Sarah Palin surely does. HILARIOUS... is that beauty queen her daughter? I think they share the same genes.

LA said...

OMG, Leisa, brilliant analogy!

If McInsane/Palin are elected, I'm going to need a sponsor in my bid for Candian citizenship, I hope I can count on you!

Leisa said...

Sorry to offend Alison. I do hope you keep coming here.

Leisa said...

la - I got your back. You can move in.

LA said...

I knew I could count on you!

Heleen said...

Ya, keep an eye on those naughty Russians, they may invade South Carolina.

Thanks, Leisa! I am very entertained! - although part of me wants to jump off a high rock.