Saturday, September 06, 2008

That Isn't What I Think It Is... Is It?

The cuteness that is Jamie-Lynn Sigler at Spring/Summer 09 Fashion Week, taking in the Julie Haus show Friday afternoon.

She looks stunning on her own and then she's joined by that hot guy from Lipstick Jungle, Robert Buckley.

But wait....

Hello!, is that Jamie-Lynn's britney making an appearance? I hope that's just her legs pressing together, but I can't be certain. Looks like these two could possibly be dating, though I can't find anything about it online. But if they aren't already, they soon will be. The pair are seen in practically every publicity shot together from this event. Including shots taken on the sidewalk earlier in the evening.

One things for sure, if Robbie was looking to mow her "meadow" later, looks like it's been taken care of already.

pics - celebutopia

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