Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sharon Stone Needs To Stay In One Place

Just a day after losing a custody battle over her eldest of three sons, Sharon Stone polished up the mags and took her Bentley for a spin. Making sure to hit The Beverly Hills Hotel, where the paps are bound to hang out.

Huh, those are weird bike shorts/leggings thingy's. Anyways...

From Yahoo News -

A San Francisco court's ruling that Roan, Stone's 8-year-old son with ex-husband Phil Bronstein, should continue to live in the Bay Area with his father is not a refutation of Stone's custody rights—rather, it's only an order mandating that Roan stay in his current elementary school, according to Stone's attorney.

Despite a judge's statement that Bronstein "shall have permanent sole physical custody," Stone still retains joint physical and legal custody of Roan, per their original agreement filed on Oct. 4, 2007, attorney Martin Singer told E! News Tuesday.

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LA said...

Hmm, not sure I believe her attorney. Kinda sounds like spin to me.