Wednesday, September 17, 2008

THIS Is Exactly What Will Happen To ME

Trust. OK maybe not exactly me.....I'm no Kate Hudson, sniff, and I will be WAY worse off, I just know it.

This Saturday night is my High School Reunion. 20 years. Can you believe it?

My mantra of the night will be "Don't fall. Don't puke."

Like Kate Hudson seen here with good bud, Stella McCartney at National Magazine Company's 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty Gala last night in London. They walk in.... having fun.... clear eyed... looking fine.

But check out Kate on the way out. Open bar will do that to a girl. Good times can quickly turn to messy times and by the looks of it - Kate is loaded.

One minute you are fine, the next, purple puke on your shoes.

Not hers, mine.

pics - celebutopia

1 comment:

LA said...

Have fun tonight, Leisa! Hope you don't fall down. ;)