Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She Said It

"The fashion is just unbelievable. You can watch our show on mute and be entertained. Just being here, walking around, you pick it up really quickly. In New York, you put on skinny jeans and riding boots and a leather coat and handbag, and you take on that posture and character. It becomes very natural."

~ Blake Lively
discussing the killer clothes on Gossip Girl

Blake is Vogue's February covergirl. Personally, I don't believe she deserves the cover of Vogue. Her voice makes the hair on my arms stand up. Excruciating. Not to mention her mug also ruined my December issue of W Mag. Get back to models please. Not 'today's flavour' of tv star. Ah I digress.

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LA said...

I don't watch Gossip Girl, but obviously, I know who the cast is because I read gossip blogs. I think the brunette is cuter and more Vogue-worthy.