Sunday, January 04, 2009

I Don't Like It, You Can't Make Me

The Boyfriend Jean. Trying to take the reins from The Skinny and The Straight. It must be stopped. I'm not convinced.

Here's Kate Walsh rocking a pair today in Beverly Hills. She looks great in this photo, where you don't see here below the waist. The recently separated and latest 'blind item' darling, is one very funny lady. Let's hope she can end up starring on a show worth watching.

And we'll give her props for driving a Prius.


Red said...

Love her. Lover her hair. Love her shoes.

The denims? Eh. I forgive her.

LA said...

A couple years ago, before she got married and moved, Oprah Magazine did a spread on her (then) house, and it was inspired. I hope she held on to it.

She needs to do a show that isn't exec produced by Shonda Rhimes.