Sunday, January 04, 2009

Meet Me On The Beach

Bff's Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox spent New Years Eve in Cabo. Just as always. No Mayer in sight, and though David Arquette was with the pair, he was not at the beach on Friday.

If I spent the amount of time Jen spends in the sun, I'd be one of those leather ladies. The kind my husband fears I will one day become. How does her skin stay that way? Is it genes? It certainly isn't a high SPF. Courtney shys from the sun and swears by Kinerase and daily sunscreen to avoid any more freckles.

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LA said...

She IS half-Greek, and that probably helps.

Even though I'm half-Italian, I stopped sunning when I turned 30. I live near the beach, and I made that conscious decision when I would see 40-yo women in my town who looked like 60-yo pieces of leather.