Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Buffalo Club Was Brimming

A little pre-party for Sunday nights Golden Globes took place last night at The Buffalo Club. A ton of A-list celebs turned up, including Ashton and Demi. If only I could get 10 minutes alone with her dermatologist and surgeon. Demi at 46 looks fresh and 10 years younger than Lindsay Lohan. Whom I'm sure, was not invited.

Cameron Diaz

I'm not sure why Reese and Jake feel they need to arrive and leave separately still. Who do they think they are? Gwyneth?

Reese Witherspoon

Jake Gyllenhaal

Penelope Cruz


Anonymous said...

Demi looks AMAZING. How the hell does she do it???

look closer said...

If Reese and Jake arrived and left separately then who is in the car driver seat when Reese is getting out of it? Jake. - They were together. Not a "couple" but arrived and left together.

LA said...

Demi looks FANTASTIC. I'd love to know who her surgeon and dermatologist are, but the problem is, I know I can't afford them.