Thursday, November 27, 2008

Of Course They Are

Season Five of The Hills will open with the most annoying celebrity couple entering wedded bliss. You know.... when the ELOPED? With a camera crew, real private like, 'cos that's how they roll.

"MTV is currently filming Heidi and Spencer in Mexico, as we were expecting to capture them on vacation," Liz Gateley (executive producer) told MTV News. "Fans will be able to see the exclusive footage from the ceremony in an upcoming episode, and we will continue to follow the newlyweds' relationship as it plays out in real life."

So I guess since they didn't invite any family, and Heidi's mom is devastated that she eloped (read: married Spencer), they'll have to wait until Episode One. No word from MTV on when it will air. No doubt just before Heidi announces she's carrying the spawn of Satan.

Honestly, is there anyone more annoying?


1 comment:

LA said...

There is NO ONE more annoying. They represent everything wrong with media.