Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fergie Fattening Up

Fergie isn't pregnant. She's been fattening up for a movie role.

"I've actually gained 10 pounds!" she told reporters Monday. "No, really - for the film, Nine. Actually, 13 to be exact."

"I ate everything!" she continued. "Fish and chips. Everything fried - things I don't normally eat."

It must suck to eat stuff that actually tastes good, for a short while, only to go back to starving yourself again. As soon as we stop seeing Fergie smile, we'll know her dieting has begun. Probably tomorrow. Though being engaged to, and sleeping with, Josh Duhamel, would sure put a smile on my face.


1 comment:

LA said...

She'll be back on the hillbilly heroin the day her movie wraps.