Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Regis Doesn't Want A Hand Out

Pharmaceutical Billionaire Stewart Rahr was surprised in his office with a visit today by Regis and Joy Philbin. Regis took a tour of Stewart’s factory and loaded up on shaving cream, cosmetics, and cologne, but Rahr refused payment. When he returned to his office he found that Regis had hid $400 under his keyboard.

Reg is that cute little man that you wish was your uncle. Well at least I do. My dad, who has been hospitalized for 7 years now with Parkinson's, loves The Reg. So much so that the notes for the nurses on the bulletin board in his old room said, along with other various medical jargon, MUST watch Regis & Kelly at 9 am.

If you don't love Regis, you have no soul.

1 comment:

D. Prince said...

That is so sweet Leisa.
I have a feeling I'd really like your Dad. And I love Regis!