Monday, December 01, 2008

Angelina: Minus The Spanx

Yes she's lost the baby weight. And yes she just had twins only 5 months ago. Not to mention 2 and half year old Shilo. 5 months post partum and Angelina Jolie still doesn't have those Hollywood Abs. I don't know about you, but that helps me sleep at night. Hallelulah! There is a God!

Here she is getting in some early Christmas shopping with Maddox today in New Orleans.

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Anonymous said...

aaahhh i feel better already.

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous. I wish I looked that good in that dress and I gave birth to my last "baby" six years ago. :) Personally, I don't leave the house without my Spanx for the bottom half and Slimpressions for the top half! Slimpressions = my new secret weapon battling my muffin top, back fat and ARM FLAB! Brilliant! I got the "haves" when I was in NY at Intimacy but I saw has free shipping on Slimpressions so I'll be ordering the "have nots" from them. :) It takes a village of shapewear, I suppose.