Saturday, December 13, 2008

If This Sticks, Boy I'm Gonna Miss These Times

Tara Reid has done the unthinkable. She's entered Rehab. Doesn't she know rehab is so last year? Rehab has been done to death. This year, lipstick-lesbo loving is where it's at.... oh well, she always was a little behind the curve. A mall shopper if you will. A mall shopper who heads straight to the liquor aisle.

Tara Reid entered rehab yesterday to rid herself of her boozy demons. People magazine reports that Reid "checked herself into Promises Treatment Center," the Malibu facility that spit Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan back out after brief stints. But her rep would not say exactly what the 33-year-old actress-turned-clothing designer was in there for.

Oh we know what Tara in rehab for. Booze. She's not the pill taking type. She's sloppy. She's loud. She's usually loaded. Or in Taradise as she likes to call it.

What will a gossip blogger do without classic fodder like this? For old times sake (let's hope not forever), here's some classic Tara moments. She had alot of them. Let's hope she can keep on having this kind of fun in her post-rehab'd days. Stoli better prepare themselves for a huge decrease in revenue.


LA said...

Don't worry, Leisa, it won't stick.

(Verification word: Lashwar! LOL!)

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