Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Presenting Sunday Rose

Nicole Kidman is in Paris to promote the doomed Australia. Here latest movie is bombing across the globe, including Australia. In order to drum up a little PR, Nicole happily took a stroll with hubby, Keith Urban and daughter, Sunday Rose this morning. Nicole has been adamant that she would not let her new baby be photographed by the paps. See what a little box office failure can do? Nicole Kidman is about to top the chart of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood. Her movies don't make the studios any cash. Not even the Sexiest Man Alive (ahem, gay), Hugh Jackman, can save this movie. And alas, neither can exposing Sunday Rose.

Nicole loves the tight ponytail -
keeps her eyebrows up in between appointments.

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Anonymous said...

Leisa you get more bitchy by the day. Kids keeping you from sleep? Get a life. Nicole may be vague as Obama's 'policies' but hey, so are some of my favourite friends. She's dumb but lovable. Leave her alone. And just because Debra-Lee is older than Hugh, what the? Why is Demi Moore allowed to be a cougar, not her? PLEASE STOP BASHING WOMEN, and maybe I will too. Be an example.

Leisa said...

Chillax Linda. I never called Nicole dumb. Just too tight in the face. I also never called Hugh's wife a cougar. Don't put words in my mouth. And yes, my kids are keeping me up at night. Thanks for asking.

Red said...

Leisa, you do get more bitchy by the day... but that's exactly the reason why I read your blog!

Keep it up, girlfriend.