Monday, October 06, 2008

THIS Is How You Do Build A Bear

Victoria Beckham wore 6 inch stiletto's with a 2 inch platform - for a day with her three sons. No big surprise, but she really is out-doing herself in the footwear department these days.

The biggest surprise for me here is the fact that she stepped foot in an actual shopping mall. Not Rodeo Drive ladies. A MALL. A mall with Bed, Bath & Beyond, Macy's and everything. Look how American the Beckhams are becoming.

Posh claims she doesn't like to be photographed while spending quality time with her kidlets. Not really the outfit you wear when you want to fly under the radar, now is it?

I can't fathom how much her feet must be killing her. The crazy 4 inch booties I wore to my High School Reunion a couple weeks ago, crippled me so bad, they are already up on Ebay. No sh!t. My feet, knees and hips hurt for 5 days after that night. Posh is a superstar.

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LA said...

Fear not, Leisa. Posh, too, will suffer some day for her footwear.