Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Foo On You McCain

The Foo Fighters have issued a statement demanding the presidential candidate, John McCain, stop using their 1998 hit "My Hero" at campaign rallies—saying they don't approve his message.

"This isn't the first time the McCain campaign has used a song without making any attempt to get approval or permission from the artist. It's frustrating and infuriating that someone who claims to speak for the American people would repeatedly show such little respect for creativity and intellectual property," the Foos said in a statement.

"The saddest thing about this is that 'My Hero' was written as a celebration of the common man and his extraordinary potential. To have it appropriated without our knowledge and used in a manner that perverts the original sentiment of the lyric just tarnishes the song. We hope that the McCain campaign will do the right thing and stop using our song—and start asking artists' permission in general!"


So I don't keep this story 'one-sided'... I want to keep Alison happy. I'm serious.

After Illinois Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama lost unexpectedly to fellow candidate and New York Senator Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, Obama's camp was ridiculed for playing Stevie Wonder's 'Signed Sealed Delivered, I'm Yours" after the defeat. The classic tune is know for the lyrics "Here I am baby/Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours/(You got my future in your hands)." Papers were quick to use the track against Obama after his unexpected defeat, with one headline example snickering "Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours ... not quite."

source - eonline

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LA said...

The ladies of Heart made a similar public statement, demanding McCain stop using one of their songs (I'm having a senior moment, I can't remember which one).

I think McCain tried to use a Springsteen song without permission, too.

What a track record!