Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby? What Baby?

New parents, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, stepped out for a Starbucks run in Nashville over the weekend. Nicole is looking ridiculously thin for someone who supposedly had a baby girl, Sunday Rose, just two weeks ago. I still support the "Surrogate Conspiracy", now more than ever. Can't wait to see who, hmmm.... , this baby resembles.

pic -


bev said...

I agree - she never really seemed to look super prego in any of the pictures I saw.

Anonymous said...

I'll have a below-the-navel tummy tuck with that caesarian - and a starbucks latte to go, Doctor!!!!!

Leisa said...

her pregnancy is COMPLETE BS. today's photo of her attending a yoga class prove it. whether child birth is natural or by c-section - you don't stretch and do yoga on the 2 week birthday of your newborn.

she's a phony and she's stupid apparently.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes she did too. I was back to normal within days of a vaginal delivery, and as I had done yoga ALL THRU my pregnancy, i was stretching and back into it in about 10 days. Women are elastic, you know. Especially as I was really fit before I got pregnant, as was Nicole. And I am 5 foot 10 so you know, it all helps.

LA said...

Once a fraud, always a fraud. She pretended to be banging Tom Cruise for ten years, now she's pretending to have a legitimate marriage with Urban. I'm not buying the pregnancy either.