Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whose Eyes Are These?

Ok fine. I guess this one was easy. And to think she's wearing makeup! Yikes. Get this woman some Kinerase eye cream - PLEASE! (btw - Kinerase eye cream is the shit. I'll post about it later)

Shannen Doherty will appear as a guest host on The View, July 31 and August 1, filling the shoes of the bitterly departed Star Jones. I predict after these pictures get out - a newly botoxed Shannen will appear on the 31st. Girl needs some help. Damn those eyes are crusty!

photo - hotonlinenews


~~ Melissa said...

Shannon Doherty.

LA said...

^ What melissa said.

(verification word: ddkny)

Leisa said...

nice one la - shit i thought people would guess laura bush or something. LOL

melissa you win. booooooooo

prunella jones said...

Damn she looks tore up! How old is she?

Scottsdale Girl said...

That Kinerase better make me look 18 in more areas than my eyes for 72.00 dollars for a teensy tiny tube!

Leisa said...

You know what? I bought it after all the photos of Courtney Cox looking so great since she plugs the stuff all the time. It has truly worked. No BS. I've been using stuff for awhile and this is the only one I've noticed a difference - in about 2-3 week. I should of done a before/after photo. Damn. Yes the tube is small but it should last you 5 months or so.