Friday, July 21, 2006

Paula's Caved

Paula Abdul was looking a little haggard leaving The Ivy yesterday. I think she left her happy pills in her other handbag. Her face needs something yes, but it's her cleavage that I can't stop staring at. An alarming trend has been popping up, or should I say caving in? It's the sunken chest bone. Now we all know which talentless tart started this don't we? That's right, the queen of bizaare cleavage - Tori Spelling. Poor Paula seems to of fallen under the same spell (surgeon). It's going to take a good bra, a higher neckline and a bunch of necklaces to cover that mess up.


Scottsdale Girl said...

I'm speechless.

This shit puts the needle on my WHAT THE FECK meter in the red.

Anonymous said...

I've read several comments about Tori regarding her beasts. I have had two surgeries to correct my pectus excavatum. The first surgery didn't work. I'm still healing from the second surgery. Both were extremely painful surgeries amd the recovery time is at least one year. Metal rods are also placed in the chest for support while healing of the cartilages between the sternum and ribs take place. Medical doctors don't know if the condition is genetic or not. From my experiences it is very disheartening knowing that you don't look or feel like everyone else. The sternum basically crushes your heartl and breathing is difficulty. For all of you so inclined to comment about Tori's chest, be thankful that you were born being able to breathe without pain. If you could breathe 5 minutes through mine or Tori's lungs, you would notice how difficult it is and I'd also bet you would feel terrible for your ill comments. It's a birth defect that neither I nor she has control of. You don't make fun of someone who has cancer do you?