Saturday, July 22, 2006

Who? Anna Nicole High? Never!

In the new Biography that aired on A&E last night, Anna Nicole Smith's former manager revealed, "She could drink three or four bottles of champagne by herself in, like, a three hour period." Eric Redding credits the outrageous antics, which landed his client with a terrible reputation, on the drugs she was taking. He adds, "Unfortunately she was on like 12 to 15 different types of medications."

This is a real shocker folks. I mean, does she look high to you?

How about here?

Look at her self control. How can people say such things?

source - contactmusic


prunella jones said...

I think her implants must be filled with liquid ecstacy.

LA said...

good one, prunella!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the drugs and alcohol that are forced to live with in her.