Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Day, Another Nip

What is this, day 5 on the yacht in Saint-Tropez? Pamela Anderson and a yet unnamed friend let in all hang out on the boat deck yesterday with Pam's son enjoying the view. They're just going to hang out all day on the boat, spend some time with the kids - why not expose themselves?

Poor Pam, she paid a bundle but her friends are much nicer than her overdone funbags. These photos aren't the best quality but DAMN - her nips are freaking triangles!

These kids are doomed, I swear they are destined to only date blow-up dolls.

photos - dlisted


LA said...

Her kids won't know a real woman when they see one.

Vanessa said...

The casual nudity around her offspring is causing me much distress.

Anonymous said...