Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Like I'm Taking Tanning Advice From Lindsay Lohan

“As much as I love the sun,” says the ever-bronzed Lindsay Lohan, “it is so bad for your skin. I have tried every product on the market and never found something that I loved.”

Until, that is, she met spray tanner Lorit Simon. “She had an amazing tanning formula that over the years we continued to perfect,” Lindsay reveals of the partnership. “It was important to me to have a natural product that didn’t have a lot of dyes and chemicals. Our product has goji berry extract which has antioxidant properties, it has a natural golden color, it doesn’t streak and smells delicious — not like a typical tanning product.”

The $35 spray will become available exclusively in Sephora stores on the first of May — with an early web launch on Sephora.com on April 15.

This is from the upcoming ad campaign. The other pics are perfect examples as to why we should never take tanning advice from LL.

Notice her white feet and ankles.

Her idea of a 'tan' ages her 15 years.

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