Monday, March 09, 2009

Drew Barrymore Does W

In March it's Madonna and her crotch gracing the cover of one of my favourite publications. A month later and its Drew Barrymore taking to the pages and the cover of W Magazine 's April 2009 issue.

Still waiting for actual models on the covers of my subscriptions. I know I'm not alone. Bring back the model. Let us read about celebrities inside the pages, or better yet, on gossip blogs and People and US Mags.

Drew looks great. Photo shop does wonders. But she is now 34, and has not yet given up that baby voice of hers. I just can't take it. Even when I read her interviews, that voice haunts my head.

I have a family member with that voice. It's excruciating.

Full article here.

Subscribing to this magazine drives your mailman all kinds of CRAZY!

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