Friday, September 28, 2007

Overrated 100

Look who tops the list. Mr. & Mrs. Beckham. Check out Radar's October issue. Cupcakes, Oprah Winfrey, The Swiffer, British accents, Grey's Anatomy, Facebook and Brad Pitt also made the cut.

1. Posh and Becks
2. Cupcakes
3. The miracle of Botox
4. Brad Pitt
5. Sexual predators
6. Oprah's heart
7. Sex with virgins
8. Going to Mars
9. Ballet flats
10. Cocaine
11. The Nintendo WWII, as exercise equipment
12. The cult of Stephen Colbert
13. Pandas
14. Tom Ford
15. Keira Knightley
16. Steroid testing
17. Jeans
18. China, as an economic threat
19. Rupert Murdoch, as arch-conservative villain
20. America Ferrera's looks
21. The Swiffer
22. Pilates
23. Frank Gehry
24. Anderson Cooper
25. The Dalai Lama
26. Grey's Anatomy
27. Jake Gyllenhaal
28. Facebook
29. Soybeans
30. Diane Sawyer
31. Trader Joe's
32. "Smart" superhero movies
33. Andy Samberg
34. Genius
35. J.J. Abrams
36. Vitamins
37. Death tolls, as predicated by American media outlets
38. Annie Leibovitz
39. Winning an Oscar, as career boost
40. Pinkberry
41. Ryan McGinley
42. Twitter
43. Coming out
44. Cats

Ronald Reagan
Keith Olbermann
Young male Jewish novelists
Steve Carell
Pomegranate juice
Conan O'Brien
Tim Gunn
Interesting facial hair
Justin Timberlake
Howard Stern as First Amendment hero
Jim from The Office
Elizabeth Edwards
This American Life
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OldWiseOne said...

Anderson Cooper is far from overrated. He is my superhot tv boyfriend.

Leisa said...

wiseone -

sorry to're boyfriend is gay!

i know. i'm a poet.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see #6 on there. I watched Oprah for many years, but she has become so full of herself and so over-exposed that many people are sick of her......and her heart.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson Cooper is quite handsome, but yes, he is gay.

Leisa said...

i cannot sit thru an entire Oprah show. it pains me.

if i see her drool over a bloated john travolta one more time i'm going to puke.

OldWiseOne said...

Anderson Cooper is not gay ::covers ears::: lalalalalala I can't hear you lalalalalalalalalala

Besides, even if he was (which he isn't) that makes him no less attainable to me than any other celebrity I might choose as tv boyfriend!

LA said...

Now THAT's a great list! I've never had sex with a virgin, so I can't vouch for that one.

Oprah is the devil. I've been saying it for years. Glad to see others are finally catching on.