Monday, March 13, 2006

Someone Needs a Touch Up

plastic surgery sign

paris arrival
Sorry Paris. I can spot your pink pom-pom key chain a mile away.
Paris Hilton
What could she possibly need besides a butt implant?
Maybe she should get that vagina sewn shut?

Paris claims she would never have any work done. From Life Style Extra Uk:
"Years ago I asked dad for a boob job and he said it would cheapen my image, and he's right." "Fake boobs look deformed. All my friends that have them, they look deformed."

Clean living Paris has also vowed never to take drugs - because she doesn't want to lose her looks - and doesn't even drink alcohol. She revealed: "People think I drink when I'm out but I just have Red Bull. I'll just dance and have fun. "I see girls out now who have been doing it for so long they look haggard and old."

Wise words Paris. Wise words. She thinks a boob job would cheapen her image. LOL Is that even freaking possible???

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Anonymous said...

paris is great. i guess nobody can take the fact that she is a REAL person. i think if anyone had the chance to be famous and not give a shit most people would take it. god, shes young, everyone should leave here alone because she is better looking than most people and probably you!