Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Can You Handle My Truth?

palm springs

I'm off to Palm Springs in the morning. Sorry. I feel like I just got the momentum going on my new blog and now I will be away for 9 days. I'm not really sure until we get to the rental house if I can connect to the net. Last year I could not and I went crazy. This year will be far worse as I am really having fun doing this blog thang. So I'll bring the laptop. My goal is to post once a day but i can't promise anything. Keep checking in and I'll try my best to keep it up.

Does anyone but me even give a shit? heh

If you want me to alert you when I'm back up and running, leave an email addy in the comments below and I'll send you something when HauteGossip is back up and running.

If I can't blog or check my email, I'm going to get real bitchy.
If TomKat have their baby while I'm away.......I'm going to be pissed.
You better keep your legs closed until I get back. Ya hear me Katie?


Suzy said...

I love your blog! It's MY People magazine. If you can keep posting while in Palm Springs, please do! I'll keep checking! Have fun!

LA said...

Have a great trip to the desert!