Saturday, March 11, 2006


ashley smoker1

ashley smoker

Those Olsen twins are such good role models.


Anonymous said...

ummm...a lot of celebs smoke. if people have a problem then they should just ignore it, because it wouldnt matter if they werent famous. they still stay stunning :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think those twins are stunning at all; they are bad role models. They are idiots for starting smoking; any young person is when they start because there are ads and warnings everywhere of what smoking can do. Back in the 70s, everyone smoked and people didn't know as much about it. My mom was a heavy smoker. She quit in the mid 70s, then after 30 years of not even having one cigarette, she got lung cancer and died. so many young people are idiots and decide to do stupid shit anyways. People like Mary Kate disgust me.

Anonymous said...

True. They are so freaking stupid thinking it makes them look *cool* meh. So they keep looking 'stunning' in the outside, but in the outside they are starting to rot. So the looks does not matter at all.