Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mariah Ain't Got NOTHIN' On Eminem

Great Unicorns Batman!

Mariah Carey has always said, "Eminem who?". Though her latest video and single portray the real Slim Shady as an "Obsessed" fan, she has always maintained that Slim was a liar and that they have never spent time together. So why bother writing a song and making a video then Crazy?

So tonight Eminem fights back with a quick track of his own. The Warning. This serves as as warning to Mariah to STFU or admit to hooking up. This also serves as a warning to all you hoes who wanna date a rapper. Don't.

From the first word.... hilarious.

Call yourself burned Mariah. Mariah On Fiah! This is a sick track. Hands down it's a way fatter track than Mariah's, and that's probably the best reward.

So if Mariah dares to deny..... Eminen has threatened with photos. Oh I hope this isn't the end of the battle.

1 comment:

Kel said...

Agreed! Actually, Mariah really should've just not responded in the first place. At least not with such a medocre pop song with even more mediocre lyrics.

And then Cannon wanted to say it wasn't even about Eminem. It was. Funny how people want to recant when they get burned.