Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Beyonce Is Uber Talented

Oh do I live for this sh!t. All you Beyonce fans better listen up. You think Sasha is hella fierce? Well after hearing this, I think you may have second thoughts.

You see, just last year Beyonce performed in the a.m. hours on The Today Show and now somehow the board mix of her performance has leaked.

How great is that? Someone has leaked Beyonce singing under her own lip-syching to Howard Stern. The Today Show viewers heard the produced and final CD version, and we are now going to hear what she actually sounds like underneath.

So HERE we have the unedited, "board mix" of Beyonce Knowles from her "Today Show" performance last year -- courtesy of Howard Stern.

Click here to listen, and make sure you get thru to the chorus. Wow.

audio source - tmz

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Alexa said...

It is unfortunate that this is a hoax. Would've been so much more fun if it was real