Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Tweet, I Twitter

What is wrong with me? It took me months, maybe even years to cave in to Facebook. But a couple weeks ago I thought I ought to check out Twitter. Just an experiment, I said to myself. The twitter-hype has seemed to really have picked up in the last three weeks, and the hype worked.

I've signed up and I am HOOKED. I read about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore sharing their days with the Twitter world and decided to "follow". I don't tweet much but I love to read others. I follow people I like, and people I don't. I am as up-t0-date on Fashion Week as I can be without actually being there. I have watched Ashton and Demi hanging with Bruce Willis, hitting the red carpet in Berlin and then the ski slopes in Sun Valley. Witnessed Lily Allen and Perez scrap until today when she finally blocked him, I've read what Anderson Cooper's writing under that anchor desk of his, as well as keeping up with my local news. Ok I get it. Twitter is a useful tool. My twitteritis will eventually fade right? Just like my love of Facebook has faded now that I've joined Twitterville? Can't wait to see what's next. See you there.

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LA said...

I, too, recently joined both Facebook and Twitter. I like Twitter MUCH more than FB. I did Myspace a couple years ago, lasted there about a month.