Friday, February 13, 2009

Hush Hush In The Bush

A full-frontal nude photo of a 20-year-old Madonna sold for just $37,500 Thursday, a sharp drop from the $96,000 auction record set in 2005 during flusher times.

The Lee Freidlander photograph was purchased by Italian businessman Fabrizio Masoni. He is the owner of a leather products company in Tuscany. The photo will be added to the company's art collection and be exhibited in its showroom.

On Thursday, Christie's had said that Friedlander's explicit black-and-white image of Madonna may have been the highest price ever paid at auction for a photograph of the singer.

Click here for the official Christie's auction page.

I'm warning you.... thicket ahead.



Laurae said...

Oh Lord....I know you said thicket, but more warning is needed.

Leisa said...

I know! I saw it and I was like.... damn!

Anonymous said...

Yes definitely more warning is needed. I thought the thicket referred to the man in the post below... Wow. Thats a whole lotta thicket.

Anonymous said...


now I wish I hadn't looked.