Sunday, December 02, 2007

Bee-lieve It Or Not

I think Renee Zelleweger looks pretty good here. Alot less sourpuss, alot less gaunt, alot less red in the face. Still too shiny, but you can't have everything. She always looks as though she's come straight from getting a little lunch time dermabrasion done.

Here's Renee today in Paris at the premiere for Seinfeld's Bee Movie. One of Renee's best films to date, since she lends her voice and we don't actually have to look at her.

Loving her Gucci heels. Do you agree she's looking well?

pics - celebutopia


It's Barbie, Bitch said...

I'm not totally a Renee fan, but you're right, she looks good here. Maybe it's the new hair?

Anonymous said...

The hair doesn't do it for me.