Wednesday, June 02, 2010

If Liza Minelli Jumps On Celebrity Rehab - IT WILL MAKE MY LIFE

This rumour just in..... TMZ is calling it so it's probaby 85% true.

Liza Minelli is in talks with Celebrity Rehab for the tune of $500,000, but Liza is skeptical. Oh... and crazy. The show was put on hold yesterday due to the fact that no d-list celebs are willing to give up their poison these days. (this season)

If only Liza will sign on....

Who's in your dream Celebrity Rehab cast? Lindsay Lohan is a shoe in obvs. Charlie Sheen could probably use some cocaine counselling. Melanie Griffith would be amazing. Who else?


Toddy Zed said...

I'd like to see Mischa Barton on there but she's still way too saleable a crack ho to be seen on that show yet.

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