Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finally Some Good News

The almighty Opes says she's calling it a day after her contract runs out, September 9th, 2011. For me, this is not soon enough. I feel she jumped the shark at least 5 years ago.

Oprah is retiring and I'm as excited as she was here on that fateful afternoon with Tom Cruise-crazy.

That's right.... I'm giddy.

Sadly, Oprah will undoubtably start another talk show on her very own network... OWN. Winfrey will premiere the Oprah Winfrey Network, a partnership with Discovery Communications, in January 2011.

Now don't hate just because I'm not an Oprah fan. I mean, I get it if you are, but I'm over it.

Opes better come up with one deadly final "Favorite Things' episode. I always tune in to see people losing their sh!t over winning free stuff. It's a Do Not Miss.


Dean Sanderson said...

this means Tom Cruise will have to find another talk show couch to jump on

Anonymous said...

I'm in your corner. She definitely jumped the shark a long time ago. And her head was become so puffed up, she was having a hard time fitting it through the doors of Harpo Studios. I'm sick of Oprah, her ego and her ridiculous whining about black oppression, slavery, and racism. Oh, and let us not forget her Angel Network--the donations she's solicited from the public that she then.....a) takes credit for on National TV, b) gets a write-off for on her taxes, and c) then disburses to mostly black-only causes.

What a hypocrite she is.

The_Brain said...

Hopefully more people will turn on to watch Ellen Degeneres.